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We provide search engine optimization (SEO) for local business owners in Castle Rock, Colorado.

If you found us through a Google search online, then you understand the power of ranking well in search engines!

Let me explain...

SEO services help by getting your web pages to rank on the first page of Google...

Then when people do a search related to your business, they see your listing and click through to your website.

Let's stop right here for a second...because this is important. What sets Castle Rock SEO apart from the others is that we don't stop at getting you ranked on page 1 of Google! No...Besides getting people to click through to your website, we also want to CONVERT those nice visitors into LEADS .

Converting visitors into leads does not have to be rocket science. All we really need is to make sure it is very easy for visitors to get in touch with you and become a lead. Anyway, I'm surprised how many SEO companies skip this part and then you the business owner are wondering if SEO really works.

Measurable Marketing

Are you spending thousands of dollars a month on marketing and advertising...and not really sure what's working (and more importantly, what is not)?

That's OK! Most businesses are in the same boat. Frankly, I'm all for advertising in the local Castle Rock magazine and newspapers. It does work, but it is just hard to quantify how well it works.

SEO is just another form of marketing or advertising...but it is measurable.

Here's what I mean.

Imagine it's 3 months from now...You hired us to do your search engine optimization, we got started right away and now we're sitting down at your favorite Castle Rock coffee shop (or brewery?!) because I want to show you the results so far.

First, I show you the ranking in search engines now compared to when we got started. (Measurable - you can see exactly what the results are using Google).

Then, we take a look at how many visitors actually clicked through to your business website. (Again, measurable).

And I'll come right out and say it...the numbers aren't going to lie!

Clients love us because of our transparency.

What About Listings In Google Map Results?

Instead of regular search results, certain types of local business searches come back with a list of results that show the business on a Google map.

For example, if you go online and type a keyword like "pizza restaurants castle rock colorado" or "interior design services castle rock" Google (or Bing) will show you a map with various business listings.

You've seen these? Good.

Getting companies ranked in the Google Map listings requires a different type of optimization [Yes, we do this kind of optimization as part of the overall SEO optimization of your website for no additional charge].

Naturally, you will want to maximize your marketing reach by having your website show up in both maps and regular search engines.

Does Web Design Matter?

The design of your website matters for SEO in a couple of important ways.

First, since more people get online using their mobile phone, the website MUST work on mobile devices. We can check this for you.

Second, like we talked about earlier, it has to be really easy for someone to become a lead...which means the phone number, email, or contact method should be right there in front of them.

Lastly, the website should load fast...again, this is related to more people using their phones to do searches online.

Already Have SEO Management ?

That's great!

And listen...if you're happy with the results you're getting from another local business here in Castle Rock , then by all means stay put!

*BUT*...if you're only getting mediocre results in search engines...

If you want better search engine optimization and services from a local Castle Rock SEO firm...

If you want higher rankings for more pages...

more clicks to your website...

and more clients

...then we should talk.

It doesn't cost anything and there is no high pressure sales pitch.

Why not get a second opinion and see if you could be getting more customers from SEO?!

Let's Get You Some Clients!

Castle Rock is growing like crazy...

...and that means more people searching for your products and services online!

...but it also means more competition from local and national businesses.

Now is the time to talk with us and see if our SEO management service is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Businesses Benefit From SEO?
All kinds of businesses benefit from search engine optimization...attorneys, dentists, auto shops, restaurants, real estate agents, and more.

What do you need to get started?
Once you hire Castle Rock SEO, all we need to get started are the login credentials to your website...We will design a plan of action and agree it with you before any SEO management begins.

Do you only work with businesses in Castle Rock?
We are a local Castle Rock business, so that is home base. But we work with you no matter where you are located.

How long does it take to see results?
At the end of the first month, we will have measurable results to show you. But SEO does take time and it is an ongoing job to keep your website ranking well.

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